Prudent Investor Advisors shows sponsors of 401(k) plans and other retirement plans how a longstanding, yet little-known, legal mechanism in ERISA allows them to get rid of significant fiduciary responsibilities and liabilities by transferring them to PIA. read more

Fiduciary Process

PIA’s prudent fiduciary process is legally sound, academically oriented and cost efficient.

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PIA’s expertise in ERISA is deep and the firm’s experience investing and managing retirement plans is extensive.

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Recent Blog Posts

2017Q3 Prudent Investor Presentation

November 9, 2017

Please click the following to listen to and watch a review of world financial markets over the most recent calendar quarter. This multimedia presentation is produced by Prudent Investor Advisors and is distributed as a service to its clients and affiliates. Download Presentation as a PDF

Businessman carries a stone with percentage rates symbol walking uphill following Interes Rates road sign

Surprise… Surprise – Federal Reserve Raises Interest Rates

December 20, 2015

Unless you’re Gomer Pyle from television sitcom fame, market participants were prepared for the Fed’s recent rate increase. The big question, has the market been leading the Fed to increase interest rates, or has the Fed been leading the market by setting expectations for the purpose of not surprising market participants? Although we still do … Read more