Illuminating the “Broad Range” Requirements of ERISA Section 404(c) With the Language of Modern Portfolio Theory Found in the Uniform Prudent Investor Act Journal of Pension Benefits, Autumn 2005 This article helps in understanding the “broad range” requirement of ERISA Section 404(c) within the context of modern portfolio theory and… Read more

Retirement Planning

The following information should be useful to Plan participants. More materials will be added periodically. Taking the Mystery out of Retirement Planning This 34-page booklet was developed by the Department of Labor to help people understand and plan for retirement. It is aimed primarily at those who are about… Read more

Social Security

At the official Social Security Information Center website, you can find out how to apply for social security benefits online, determine your normal social security retirement age, review what your expected Social Security benefit will be and other information. Social Security Main Page Link Social Security Online Benefit Application … Read more