Retirement Planning

The following information should be useful to Plan participants. More materials will be added periodically.

Taking the Mystery out of Retirement Planning

This 34-page booklet was developed by the Department of Labor to help people understand and plan for retirement. It is aimed primarily at those who are about ten years away from retirement but it is an excellent resource for everyone.

Top Ten Ways to Prepare for Retirement

This simple guide, prepared by the Department of Labor, provides a checklist of ten items that should be taken into account by every person planning for retirement. It offers a solid base of information that anyone can read in 15 minutes or less.

Six Paths to Retirement

This study from Vanguard finds that, for many Americans, retirement is not a matter of suddenly exchanging work clothes for a quiet life of leisure. Find out about the six paths of retirement that many Americans are selecting in the new millennium.

Choosing a Beneficiary for Your IRA or 401(k)     

Many people do not appreciate the significance of selecting beneficiaries for their Plan accounts(s). This pamphlet, provided by the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants, helps people understand the tax and estate law implications of naming a beneficiary.