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The Future of Investment Advice in America
 interview with Blaine Aikin, President and CEO of Fiduciary 360. The interview was conducted on June 28, 2009 by Gary Allen, a partner at Prudent Investor Advisors, on his radio program Gary Allen on Business. The program focuses on the merits of the preferred fiduciary standard versus a commercial or suitability standard. At stake is the way investment advice in America will be regulated and how it will be overseen for decades to come. The interview is in three parts and delves into the various regulatory frameworks now being considered in Washington DC. A must listen for plan sponsors, participants and industry professionals as well.

Blaine Aikin Interview – Part I.mp3
Blaine Aikin Interview – Part II.mp3
Blaine Aikin Interview – Part III.mp3  

Modern Prudent Fiduciary Investing and Passive Investing
W. Scott Simon, PIA Principal
Buckingham Asset Management Annual Conference