For those employees who would like to do it themselves, here is a list of additional investment choices to construct your own investment portfolio:

Fund Name Ticker Fact Sheet Expense Ratio*
Vanguard Institutional Money Market Fund (I) VMRXX VMRXX 0.10%
Vanguard S&P 500 Index Fund (Admiral Shares) VFIAX VFIAX 0.05%
Dimensional Large Cap Value Portfolio (I) DFLVX DFLVX 0.27%
Dimensional Core Equity 2 Portfolio (I) DFQTX DFQTX 0.22%
Dimensional US Targeted Value Portfolio (I) DFFVX DFFVX 0.37%
Dimensional US Small Cap Value Portfolio DFSVX DFSVX 0.52%
Vanguard Small Cap Growth Index Fund (Admiral Shares) VSGAX VSGAX 0.09%
Vanguard Developed Markets Index Fund (I) Shares VTMNX VTMNX 0.07%
Dimensional International Vector Equity Portfolio (I) DFVQX DFVQX 0.49%
Dimensional International Small Company Portfolio (I) DFISX DFISX 0.53%
Dimensional Emerging Markets Core (I) DFCEX DFCEX 0.61%
Dimensional Global Real Estate Securities Portfolio DFGEX DFGEX 0.24%
Vanguard Short-Term Bond Index Fund (I) VBITX VBITX 0.07%
Dimensional Intermediate Govt. Fixed Income Portfolio (I) DFIGX DFIGX 0.12%
Dimensional Inflation Protected Securities DIPSX DIPSX 0.12%
Dimensional Two-Year Global Fixed Portfolio DFGFX DFGFX 0.17%
Dimensional Five-Year Global Fixed Portfolio DFGBX DFGBX 0.27%
Vanguard Total Bond Market Index VBTIX VBTIX 0.06%
DFA US Sustainability Core 1 Portfolio DFSIX DFSIX 0.32%
DFA International Sustainability Core 1 Portfolio DFSPX DFSPX 0.49%
DFA Emerging Markets Social Core Portfolio DFESX DFESX 0.63%
*As of 1/1/2016