Legally Sound. Academically Oriented. Cost Efficient.

Prudent Fiduciary Process

Legally Sound.
The PIA fiduciary process focuses on the law of ERISA. This legally sound part of the process is plan sponsor/plan participant-centric. That is the opposite of the advisor–centric approach taken by sales-oriented Wall Street advisors to plan sponsors.

Academically Oriented.
The second part of PIA’s fiduciary process comprises its investment philosophy which is grounded in modern portfolio theory and other notions of financial economics. This philosophy emphasizes broad diversification of risk which leads to increased return.

Cost Efficient.
The last part of PIA’s fiduciary process emphasizes keeping investment costs (and taxes, for taxable investors) low. Just as broad diversification reduces risk which leads to increased return, reducing costs (and taxes) goes straight to the bottom line of increased return.